Dora Tauzin


Works: Contributed Articles

Contributed Articles


“Married Couples After Childbirth, How to Keep Love Alive” (Asahi Shimbun Digital newspaper, January 25, 2012)


Super Potential Power: New Leaders of a New Japan?” in Economy, Culture & History Japan Spotlight Bimonthly (Japan Economic Foundation)


“Like a Mini-Paris – Living in Kagurazaka” in the January 2010 edition of Tokyo-Jin monthly magazine (Toshi Shuppan) on sale December 10,

“A Japanese Art Illuminating History: Special Ikebana Exhibition” in the December 2009 (25th) edition of Croissant magazine (Magazine House) on sale December 10, 2009

“A Tokyo Parisienne Loves this Town: Wine Tour in Kagurazaka” in Wine Jikan (A Time for Wine), an “Ei-Mook 1837” magazine-book (Ei Shuppan), on sale November 20, 2009