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G.H.MUMM シャンパンパーティー!




G.H.MUMM Champagne party in Tokyo with Usain Bolt
A lot of fun and a lot of Champagne! Superbe! Bravo for this incredible party, Eiichiro.


Sweet Bordeauxのテイスティング@Maxivin

Sweet Bordeaux(Sauternes, Loupiacなど) のテイスティングがありました。






Tasting of Sweet Bordeaux (Sauternes, Loupiac …) at the Maxivin restaurant. Do not hesitate to associate these sweet wines with Japanese cuisine. Tasty!



In Good Sprits Shochu and Awamori

Shochu is one of Japan’s most popular alcoholic beverages. It is a distilled spirits that can be enjoyed before, during, and after meals.

Dora Tauzin, from France, reports on a popular type called Honkaku Shochu: its ingredients, distilling method, and history. The program also features Ryukyu Awamori, a beverage from Okinawa said to be Japan’s oldest distilled spirits.
In addition, Shochu advisor Kaori Haishi introduces recipes of dishes that go well with shochu.









日時: 2017年3月7日(火)13:00~17:30(受付12:00~)
会場: 東京国際フォーラム ホールB5
入場料: 無料(事前申込制)



13:00 宮田文化庁長官
13:05 基調講演 デービッド・アトキンソン
13:50 留学生による日本遺産研究成果の発表
16:00 パネルディスカッション
※ 敬称略・詳細はパンフレットをご覧ください。

Japan Heritage International Forum 2017

Date: March 7, 2017 1:00PM~5:30PM(open at 12:00)
Venue: Hall B5 at Tokyo International Forum
Admission fee: Free(Application required)

Brochure in English w/Application form(PDF format)



Médecins du Monde (Doctors of the World) on May 28th

Hello everybody !  I would like to make an announcement today:
I will be the master of ceremony of a charity event for the NGO Médecins du Monde (Doctors of the World) on May 28th (Thursday) at the Residence of France (French Embassy).
MdM dispatches medical staff (doctors, nurses etc.) around the world to perform medical support and all funds gathered during the event will be used to finance the medical support activities of MdM.
I have to say that the party is not just a fundraising event but it is also a lot of fun! 25 or so of the best chefs of French cuisine in Tokyo will cook delicious meals, champagne and wines will be served etc.   

If you are interested in joining us, please contact MdM.  They will give you more details. / 03-3585-6436 / .


RICOH THETA Developers Contest

The RICOH THETA is a portability camera enjoyable capturing spherical images and movies. Now RICOH is calling for the candidates who are interested in developing the application software and gadgets for the unique camera. There is no restriction for entry such as nationality, age, and the other applicant’s conditions. Dora Tauzin participates in this contest for judgement as an Art Journalist. Please consider to entry this contest, or share the information with your friends who are interested in developing software or gadgets.


RICOH THETA Developers Contest


Bordeaux, capitale du sauvignon
L’espace de deux jours, les 12 et 13 avril 2014, Bordeaux s’est muée en capitale du sauvignon blanc pour la cinquième édition du Concours mondial du sauvignon.


Report: Best “mariage”

One of the surprises of this shooting, was to discover how Shochu matches very well with different kinds of food. And it is also so much fun do decide to drink it this way or that way according to the dish. And of course, to decide which Shochu to drink.

It can go with cuisine as diverse as white fish, meat, and spicy food but also with very elegant refined Japanese cuisine. Although I must say the best for me was the mariage between the dark pork meat Shabu Shabu prepared in a divine way by the master… and the Imo-Shochu Oyuwari (with hot water). Excellent!

But I am French!! And to my great pleasure, Shochu and Awamori can match also with some cheese such as Brie or camembert. A “fromage avec Shochu”, that could be a good new trend in Paris!

It goes also very well with a quiche Lorraine or some mushrooms. In these cases, it is better to drink it straight, but at a cold temperature. Bon appétit!

After this shooting, I became a real fan of Shochu and now I drink it regularly, mainly on the rocks.


Japan International Broadcasting Inc. (JIB)
Oct. 31, 2012

Report: Wine or Shochu?

As a French wine lover (and connoisseur), I was eager to discover the world of Shochu, although completely different, but with a few common points.

The common point between wine and Shochu is that both can be enjoyed while eating. I had more the image of Shochu as an “apéritif” or “digestif” but it is a perfect drink to go along with your dinner. So before meal, after meal, or with meals, you have the choice. Is it a big difference compared to other spirits?

The differences?

A higher alcohol degree than wine. Although it has quite a high degree of alcohol, it is a very delicate drink, with complex aroma and elegance. And contrary to wine, you can mix it with water, which makes it milder.

Shochu characteristics

Once the bottle is opened, you can keep it for months and it still tastes perfect. And as far as the tasting is concerned, you cannot really compare the colour, but the aromas are very subtle. As for wine, it is nice to discover the Shochu first by its fragrance, its aroma. There are some fragrances you find in white wines or champagne. During the tasting (in the mouth), like wine, you have the different phases you can enjoy: the attack, the middle and the finish or even after taste.


Japan International Broadcasting Inc. (JIB)
Oct. 30, 2012

Report: Shooting memories


There are many great and fun places to drink shochu. Some very casual standing bars, some elegant dinner places, some nice Izakaya. And in fact, all kinds of people are shochu drinkers, among them many women.

Kaori, very charming shochu advisor, explained to me the basics of shochu. Merci!

I used to drink it on the rocks and I did not know at all about the different kinds of ingredients that can be used to make shochu (not only Imo, sweet potato, as you will discover in the programme.)But the best way to know about the shochu world is to go to the real shochu’s birth place, in the island of Kyushu, and to see how it is made. Bon Voyage!

In Kagoshima

A few surprises during the filming:

First, there was a very strong typhoon coming right on Kagoshima in Kyushu exactly at the same time as us. Very impressive! Very frightening, but also the most beautiful clouds I have ever seen from an airplane. I really felt the strength and power of nature, which can give the best and the worst.

The making of shochu

Then, going to a brewery, I could see how, apart from the distillation process, the making of shochu is similar to wine. What I always love when visiting a winery is the nice smell of the grapes fermenting. A very special, very deep fragrance. This time, it was the sweet potatoes, Imo, fermenting smell that was enchanting.

And there was a big discovery for me during my visit at this brewery. I was able to see and touch the key material of making Shochu.
I even had a chance to enter to a special room… Check out the programme to find out my discovery!

Japan International Broadcasting Inc. (JIB)
Oct. 19, 2012